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The Influence of Experience Quality on Satisfaction and Behavioral Intentions (A Study on Sundanese Cultural Performance in Bandung)

Skripsi, 029 / 2018 / MPI
Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2018-10-24 15:53:24
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Keyword : Tourism, Experience Quality, Satisfaction, Behavioral Intentions, Sundanese, Sundanese Cultural Performance


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The tourism industry has become a worldwide issue. This is due to the contribution of the tourism industry that positively influences the GDP and employment in the world. The magnitude of the contribution from that industry makes tourism as an important thing and needs to be developed. Indonesia has the goal to make the tourism industry as the first foreign exchange contributor but still has some challenges because the lack of tourist visits compared to the neighboring countries in ASEAN. One of the things that Indonesia can improve is by improving the experience quality of the tourist because it is an important thing to increase the satisfaction and behavioral intentions. Through Sundanese cultural performance in Bandung, Indonesia can introduce the unique of culture tourism to attract the tourist attention. So, the researcher investigated more deeply about the influence of experience quality on satisfaction and behavioural intentions. In addition, the researcher used convenience sampling and obtained 359 respondents. As the result, experience quality give positive and significant influence on satisfaction and behavioral intentions, also satisfaction give positive and significant influence on behavioral intentions. Also, in this study, experience quality have four dimension those are; education, entertainment, peace of mind, and escapism. Keywords: Tourism, Experience Quality, Satisfaction, Behavioral Intentions, Sundanese, Sundanese Cultural Performance.

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